Pastoral Services: Baptisms, Weddings, & Funerals

Whether you are wanting to get Married, have your child (or yourself) Baptised, or are requiring information to help plan a Funeral, St Luke’s may be able to provide you with both assistance and experienced advice. Please contact the Parish Priest for advice on how to organize a service,
or just to ask a question about Marriage, Baptism, or Funerals, the Church, or God, on 03 5797 2281.

Here’s some information to get you started!


Baptism (also known as Christening: “being made like Christ”), is the initiation rite of the church. It is a ‘once for all’ event in a person’s life, where the Church welcomes a person into the universal family of God: the Christian church. Most denominations recognize a person’s baptism as a sign of their membership of the Christian faith, regardless of where it occurred.

In Baptism God (through the Holy Spirit) makes a person a new creation. In spiritual terms, he or she is “born again” into the resurrected life of Christ, and the promises of God are visibly signed and sealed for them in their life.

Baptism most commonly occurs within the context of a regular Sunday service, when God’s family is gathered to join in your celebration. If, for any reason this is not possible, or desired, a separate Baptism service can be organized by the Parish Priest.


St Luke’s is a beautiful church for a wedding: a Heritage listed Church, with beautiful stained glass windows, close to various Yarra Valley wineries, and an easy drive from Melbourne. The Church seats up to 100 people comfortably, and has a fine chamber organ.

The Parish also includes Christ Church, Molesworth: a pretty church in a rural setting, This Church, whilst seating only 60 people, has the disadvantage that there is no electricity, and no toilet facilities. It is, however, a picturesque location for a wedding.

Weddings in the Parish must be celebrated by the Parish Priest, or another approved Anglican minister. The church may only be used for services authorised by the Anglican Church of Australia and cannot be ‘hired out’ to other denominations or civil celebrants.

Weddings may be held on any day of the week (subject to the availability of the clergy), with Saturday traditionally being the most popular day. The Parish clergy will be involved in a process of planning and Marriage Preparation meetings with you before your Wedding, so please make sure that you contact the Parish at least eight months in advance of your proposed date


Funerals at St Luke’s follow the rites proscribed by the Anglican Church of Australia, and are usually celebrated by the Parish Priest. If you wish to inquire about preparing instructions for your own future funeral, or to discuss arrangements for someone who has recently died, please contact the Parish Priest, or ask your Funeral Director to contact the Parish on your behalf.